Merkfolk comes from Lublin and Międzyrzec Podlaski in eastern Poland. It was formed at the beginning of 2013 by siblings, Rafał and Irmina. After a few months of intense search the band had been complete and Merfolk gave it's first concert in November. In July 2014 Łukasz Hawryluk replaced the former bassist.

In a loose translation from Norwegian the band name means "folkbringer".

A combination of heavy guitar riffs, drums, female growl with catchy violin and accordion melodies makes for the unique character of their music.

Merkfolk was honoured in a few music reviews. In March 2014 the band shared a home recorded song titled "Nananana" on their Youtube channel. In July an EP was released containing tracks "Topielica" and "Trust". The first professional videoclip for "Topielica" premiered in October. The band is currently finishing it's first LP, which is soon to be released by Art of the Night Productions.





Current lineup:

Maria "Mery" Woźniak – vocal
Katarzyna Nowosadzka – violin
Kacper Pawłowicz – accordeon
Irmina Frąckiewicz – guitar
Łukasz Hawryluk – bas guitar
Rafał "Baton" Frąckiewicz – drums



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